How to Carry Out a Temporary Repair on EPDM

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EPDM has one of the longest lifespans for flat roof membranes, as highlighted in last month’s blog post. If installed properly and maintained effectively, it can last for up to 50 years. However, this durability will not be achieved if the rubber roof membrane is not installed properly from the outset. Various problems such as small tears and holes could develop over time, and you might also find yourself needing to do temporary repairs if your roof is damaged by falling debris, vandalism or extreme weather conditions.

We have a range of EPDM rubber roof repair kits to help you make any minor repairs to your flat roof. It is important that you feel confident in carrying out these temporary repairs, and if you are at all unsure, we would always recommend consulting a professional roofer for advice. These repairs are only temporary and will help your roof hold up for those extra few days or weeks while you wait for a professional or save up the extra funds for the EPDM materials.

Emergency DIY repair:
If the hole or tear is very small and the primary aim is to make sure that the roof is fully waterproof as quickly as possible, you can apply a thin layer of lap sealant to the area. This is all you will need to ensure that the roof is still waterproof and the sealant won’t be difficult for a professional to take off during a repair down the line. Lap sealants are available on our website, where you can choose the EPDM rubber roof repair kit that best suits your needs.

More durable DIY repair:
For a longer-lasting fix, you’ll need to be fairly confident in carrying out DIY repairs. While the EPDM rubber roof repair kit will cost a bit more, it should help to keep your roof waterproof for longer. For this repair, you’ll need to buy some EPDM cleaner and primer, a scrubbing pad, flashing tape for the correct size repair, roller, and lap sealant. Your flashing should be a self-adhesive tape. Try and pick a size that allows for at least 3 inches of excess around the area to be repaired.

Remember that when using chemical products, you should wear protective clothing and ask someone to watch over you whilst you work. For more safety information have a look at our guest post about working on EPDM flat roofs.

  1. Clean the affected area with a suitable rubber roof cleaning product and leave until it is completely dry
  2. Use the scrubbing pad to apply the primer and then leave it until it’s dry to the touch. When applying the primer, coat a surface area that's slightly bigger than the patch you will be applying in order to help it stick better
  3. Use the hard rolling device to apply the patch of EPDM flashing tape from the centre outwards, making sure that any air is pushed out from under the patch
  4. This is an optional step – you can also apply lap sealant around the edges of the flashing as a precautionary measure

Waterproof Systems offer three different types of flashing tape, either 6”, 9”, or 12”, each of premium quality. Please get in touch if you need any help selecting your EPDM rubber roof repair kit.

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