Rubberall Batten Bar 3.1mtrs - 10ft Batten Bars are used when fitting a flat roof that adjoins a wall i.e., single story extention, to e.. Category: Anvils Product #: RUB-BB-3 0 stars, based on 0 reviews Regular price: £8.24 $£8.24 Available from: Marc King Condition: excellent condition In Stock
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Batten Bar 3.1mtrs - 10ft

Batten Bar 3.1mtrs - 10ft

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Batten Bars are used when fitting a flat roof that adjoins a wall i.e., single story extention, to ensure that the Rubberall EPDM membrane fits snuggly upto the adjoining wall. 

The Batten Bar is 3.1mtrs long with fabricated holes for ease of fixing

For the best results:-

  • place and fix the batten bar to the wall as close to the base as posibble, as apposed to the flat roof as this will ensure a firm and better waterproofing fix
  • This prevents tearing with the expansion and contraction of the rubber during varied temperature changes 
  • Fix the Batten bar over the membrane excess to create a flashing
  • Fold the excess rubber back over the batten bar using a solent based adhesive to secure to the aluminium Batten Bar, smooting it down to give a crisp, professional finish to the upstand.


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